Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic - Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Animal Medical Center’s gift that keeps giving!

Animal Medical Center (AMC) rewards employees having 10 years of employment with a trip to Rarotonga, one of the Cook Islands off New Zealand. AMC sponsors the only veterinary hospital on the island, the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic. Animal Medical Center regularly sends surplus drugs and supplies to couriers who visit and volunteer at the clinic.

The veterinary clinic in Rarotonga was established in 1995 by Cathy Sue Anunsen of Oregon. Up until that time, there was no veterinarian on the island, and many animals were killed by the government because of overpopulation. Since that time, the clinic has spayed, neutered or treated for disease approximately 28,000 dogs and cats. EHF’s all-volunteer staff treats animals at no charge to the people of the Cook Islands.

Dr. Barry Nicholls has visited several times to do mission work, mostly spaying and neutering. In February 2003, Dr. Nicholls took Karon Johnston and Sandra Cotton along to assist.

In early 2010, Dr. Susan LeCoq, along with Missy Kines, and two veterinary assistants, Brandy Nelson and Cathy Campbell, traveled to Rarotonga to volunteer for two weeks. Dr. LeCoq says their expectations of a veterinary hospital set in an absolutely gorgeous Southern Pacific location is exactly what they got! They were able to combine a lot of work and a little bit of fun in one trip.

TEAM AMC:  Brandy Nelson, Dr. Susan LeCoq, Cathy Campbell, and Missy Kines

Dr. LeCoq’s group transported $8,000 worth of much-needed medical supplies collected by Esther Honey from generous donations throughout the United States. The hospital is not as well-equipped as Animal Medical Center or other hospitals in the United States; however, Dr. LeCoq says they realized they could “do just about anything with nothing and have fun doing it.”

SURGERY:  Dr. Susan LeCoq and Brandy Nelson perform surgery at the Esther Honey Foundation Animal Clinic.

The inhabitants of the island(s) were very appreciative of the services provided, even something as simple as de-fleaing, de-sexing, and de-worming made them happy. During their two weeks there, they spayed/neutered about 29 pets, did some trauma surgeries, and made vast improvements in the well being of the pets and the facility. Dr. LeCoq complimented her team on their work ethic, superb attitude, and their efforts to improve the existing program.
Future trips to Rarotonga have not been confirmed at this time.

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